Table of Contents


I.  Federal Investigations

A.  Initiation of an Investigation

1.  Role of the Federal Investigative Agency

2.  Role of the U.S. Attorney’s Office

3.  Policy Considerations

B.  The Investigative Process

1.  The Role of a Grand Jury

2.  Techniques of Investigation

C.  Implementation of Policy

D.  Summary of Section

II.  The Arrest Stage

A.  Issuance of Complaint and Warrant for Arrest

B.  The Booking Procedure

C.  The Initial Appearance

D.  The Bail Determination

1.  The Bail Reform Act of 1966

2.  Current Release Provisions

3.  Detention Provisions

E.  The Preliminary Hearing

F.   Summary of Section

III.  Indictment and Arraignment

A.  Grand Jury Procedure

B.  Arraignment

IV.  Pre-Trial Discovery and Motions Practice

A.  Rule 16 of The Federal Rules of Criminal Procedure

      1. Statements of Defendant

      2. Defendant’s Prior Record

      3. Documents and Tangible Objects

      4. Reports of Examinations and Tests

      5. Information Not Subject to Disclosure

      6. Grand Jury Transcripts

      7. Reciprocal Discovery

      8. Continuing Duty to Disclose

      9. Regulation of Discovery

     10. Notice of Alibi

     11. Notice of Defense Based Upon Mental Condition

     12. Bill of Particulars

B. The Jencks Act – 18 U.S.C. § 3500

C. Discovery under Brady v. Maryland

D. Summary of Section

V.  Plea Bargaining

       A. Plea Bargaining and Rule 11

       B. The Impact of The Sentencing Guidelines

           1. Enactment of the SGA

           2. The Impact of the SGA on Plea Agreements

           3. Calculation of a Sentence under the SGA

           4. Summary of Section

VI.  Trial

       A.  Jury Selection

            1. Voir Dire

            2. Peremptory Challenges / Excuses for Cause

B.  Opening Statements and the Burden of Proof

C.  The Evidence

D.  The Players

            1. Defense Counsel

            2. The Prosecutor

            3. The Jury

            4. The Trial Judge

E.  Verdict

VII.  Sentencing (Upon Conviction)

A.  The United States Sentencing Commission

B.  Application of Guidelines

C.  Pre-Sentence Report

D.  Probation or Incarceration

VIII.  Appellate Rights (Upon Conviction)

A.  Right to Bail (Standards)

B.  Appellate Procedure