Public Corruption

The Federal Bureau of Investigation investigates major public corruption in cases where public officials are using their offices for purposes of accepting bribes or gratuities and/or accepting kickbacks in order to award lucrative financial contracts.  Like any other crime, public corruption can take many different forms.  Anytime the FBI becomes involved, large amounts of money are usually involved and/or the public official has misused and abused the power of their office to obtain money simply because they held office.  Typically, State officials do not bring large public corruption cases because politics becomes involved.  It is sometimes difficult for the State elected officials, who serve as prosecutors, to objectively be able to bring the resources of their office to bear against a corrupt official who might have supervisory authority over their office.

Our firm has been involved in a variety of public corruption cases both as prosecutors and as defense counsel.  As an example, our firm represented an Atlanta businessman accused of paying bribes to officials in order to win a lucrative contract at the Atlanta airport.  As our attorneys have both prosecuted and defended these cases, Finch McCranie has substantial experience in these matters.  These cases are serious, and often times are high profile with attendant publicity. They need to be investigated thoroughly and professionally handled if a charged defendant is to receive due process of law.  The attorneys at Finch McCranie have the experience you need to defend you against these charges.  Please contact us today to discuss your case.