Interstate Transportation of Stolen Property

Interstate transportation of stolen property is fairly self-explanatory: property is stolen and transported through interstate commerce.  Typically, the federal government does not prosecute such cases unless the amounts of money are rather large.  Government prosecutors typically use this particular charge when dealing with sophisticated operations involving multiple states.  While the United States Code may have originally envisioned interstate transportation of stolen automobiles, as an example, today it is used by aggressive prosecutors in a variety of contexts.

Finch McCranie is experienced in defending businessmen charged with Interstate Transportation of Stolen Property.  As an example, our firm successfully defended an Atlanta businessman accused of having conspired to transport over $20 million of property allegedly stolen from IBM headquarters in White Plains, New York.  The firm’s client was acquitted of all counts in this case.  If you have been accused of interstate transportation of stolen property, Finch McCranie may be able to help you defend against these charges.  Please contact us today for a free initial consultation.