White Collar Criminal Defense

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The partners at Finch McCranie, LLP have extensive experience in white collar criminal matters including cases of national significance.  They have defended businesses and individuals in cases alleging healthcare fraud, tax fraud, anti-trust violations, securities fraud, political corruption, Government program fraud, perjury, obstruction of justice and other white collar crimes.  Former clients include a U.S. Congressman, a former Governor, Fortune 500 Corporations, CEOs, doctors, lawyers and other business persons.

Experience & Reasoned Judgment

Having served as former federal prosecutors, our attorneys have experience, in particular, in the grand jury context.  Federal criminal cases are typically investigated by grand juries specifically empanelled to investigate federal crimes.  Having supervised federal grand jury investigators while serving as former federal prosecutors, our attorneys understand what is involved in the grand jury process and are able to guide the firm’s clients through the process.  Experience is probably the most important factor in properly representing either a business or an individual involved in a federal criminal investigation.

Experience and judgment go hand-in-hand in a white collar criminal defense case.  Having both prosecuted federal criminal cases and now having defended them for over two decades, our attorneys have acquired considerable experience that has lead to a mature and reasoned judgment.  Good judgment has to be acquired through experience and good judgment is what clients need when facing a federal criminal grand jury investigation.

Our Attorneys

As reflected in their backgrounds below, the partners at Finch McCranie have professional experience particularly suitable for defense of white collar criminal cases:

Richard W. Hendrix is a former Assistant U.S. Attorney and state prosecutor. He has also served as Associate Independent Counsel in the HUD investigation. On the defense side, his clients have included public officials, including a former U.S. Congressman. Mr. Hendrix also has defended clients in some of the largest health care fraud investigations in Georgia, as well as many other businesses and individuals who were the subjects of grand jury investigations or indictments. He also has lectured and published articles in the white collar field.

Michael A. Sullivan served as Associate Independent Counsel in the HUD investigation and its prosecution of two former Executive branch officials. He was also appointed as a Special Assistant District Attorney. Since 1987, Mr. Sullivan has represented businesses and individuals in grand jury investigations and criminal prosecutions concerning allegations of health care fraud, tax fraud, antitrust violations, political corruption, perjury, obstruction of justice, and other white collar crimes.

Steven R. Wisebram is a former federal prosecutor and counsel to a Congressional Committee. He has extensive experience in the prosecution of public officials ranging from U.S. Congressmen to local elected officials, and in the prosecution of fraudulent financial schemes. As a defense attorney, he has successfully represented clients charged with a wide range of offenses, including bank fraud, health care fraud, and fraud against the United States.

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Our firm has the experience and determination to bring your case to a successful resolution.  Whether the case involves allegations of Medicare fraud, program fraud directed at a particular government agency, mortgage fraud, tax evasion, securities fraud or otherwise, our attorneys have experience in all of these areas and based on such experience have the maturity and judgment which are the key ingredients in providing professional and competent representation to any business or individual involved in a white collar criminal investigation.  Please contact us for a free consultation to discuss your case.

Referrals / Conflicts of Interest

If you are a member of a law firm that is defending a corporation or individual for white collar crime allegations, and are looking for alternative representation for other individuals or corporations due to conflict issues, our firm is equipped to handle referral cases and has done so in the past. Please contact us to discuss your case.

Types of White Collar litigation we have performed for our clients: