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Truck Safety and Good Wages: An Interesting Correlation

We recently read a blog posted by Ronald Miller in his excellent Maryland Injury Lawyer Blog about an interesting correlation which exists between truck driver compensation and safety outcomes. According to a study by Cornell University (about which the Miller wrote), the more a truck driver is paid the less […]

Trucking Accidents Involve Teens Too

Many teens – and maybe even their parents – may feel that an trucking accident isn’t something they need to concern themselves with. After all, you would be hard-pressed to find a teenager operating a big-rig. However, because teens share the road with these large vehicles, it’s important for parents […]

Beware Traveling Behind Tractor-Trailers: Rear-End Accidents Often Deadly

Typically, we feel most at risk of an accident with a large truck while passing a tractor-trailer, or when a big rig is coming up fast from behind. However, our Atlanta trucking accident attorneys know a significant number of serious and fatal accidents involving tractor-trailers result from a motorist slamming […]

Auto Accidents in Atlanta and Elsewhere A Top Concern for Safety Officials

Traffic accidents are one of the leading causes of work-related accidents in Atlanta and elsewhere. Unfortunately, a lot of these accidents involve large, commercial vehicles. Most of the people who are injured and killed in these kinds of accidents aren’t the occupants of the large trucks. They’re the occupants of […]

Common Causes of Georgia Trucking Accidents – Driver Often to Blame

The number of trucking accidents is expected to continue to increase along with the demand for long-haul truckers. In the last decade, the number of trucks on the road has increased by nearly 50 percent — from fewer than 8 million to almost 11 million. How those truckers are trained […]

Caffeine No Magic for Preventing Georgia Trucking Collisions

Truck drivers spend hours a day on the road moving goods from place to place. Unfortunately, the monotony of the trip coupled with long hours can result in drivers getting drowsy and even dozing off. This is extremely dangerous, as a truck driver who falls asleep behind the wheel could […]