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Minimum Federal Qualifications For Truck Drivers

The federal qualification for commercial truck drivers are set forth at 49 C.F.R. § 391. The rules in this part specify minimum duties of motor carriers with respect to the required qualifications of their employee/drivers. In order to be qualified to drive a commercial motor vehicle, a driver must meet […]

Falling Cargo From Interstate Motor Carriers

All drivers know that our interstate highways are crowded with trucking companies hauling cargo to destinations throughout the United States. The Code of Federal Regulations addresses requirements for proper cargo securement. These regulations are found at Title 49, Chapter 3, Parts 392.9 and 393.1 through 393.136. These cargo securement regulations […]

Atlanta Truck Crashes a Heightened Risk Amid Summer Travel

As many families are gearing up for summer travel plans, our Atlanta truck accident lawyers want to urge extra caution, particularly while sharing the road with these large commercial vehicles. The risk of serious injury or death increases exponentially when one of these behemoths is involved in the wreck.Many times, […]

Commercial Tractor-Trailer Safety in Georgia an Investment for Trucking Companies

“Safety is Good Business — Crashes Hurt the Bottom Line” That’s the message to trucking companies from the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration, as the federal watchdog makes a pocketbook appeal aimed at reducing the risk of semi accidents in Georgia and throughout the country. Safety is good business because […]

Feds Want Safer Motorcoaches in Georgia

Many times when we talk about “trucking accidents,” we’re referring to those behemoth semi-trucks and tractor-trailers that we see so frequently on the highway. However, our Atlanta truck accident lawyers understand that concerns have been raised with regard to other larger commercial vehicles, including motor coaches and large vans. These […]

Why You Need An Experienced Georgia Injury Trucking Lawyer

Compared with automobile accidents, motorcycle accidents or pedestrian accidents, trucking accidents can be significantly more complicated. One of the biggest mistakes a lawyer can make is treating a trucking case like a typical automobile accident case. First, the number of parties involved is generally more than two in case of […]

Steering Clear of Trucking Accidents through Memorial Day

A study conducted by the National Coalition for Safer Roads suggests that Memorial Day weekend is the most dangerous of the year. During this time, residents and visitors will be jumping in their vehicles and heading out for long weekend vacations. Unfortunately, there will also be a lot of commercial […]

Trucking Terminology

Our Atlanta area truck accident attorneys are keenly aware that cases involving large trucks and buses are much more complicated than those involving automobile collisions. Yesterday, at a deposition involving a tractor-trailer related death I was surprised to learn that many of the attorneys involved were not familiar with terminology […]

Injury Victims of Automobile & Truck Accidents and Abusive Bill Collection

As Georgia injury lawyers at Finch McCranie, LLP representing victims of trucking accidents, automobile accidents, and workers compensation accidents we often see our clients who cannot work because of serious injuries, fall behind in paying their bills. When that happens they often start getting calls from collection agencies and even […]