Personal Injury

Settling Serious Injury Cases Out Of Court

In many car accident and personal injury cases, clients often wish to “settle out of court” so as to avoid the stress, anxiety and uncertainty of a jury trial. In many cases this is entirely possible and the client can still achieve a settlement that approximates the fair value of […]

Tractor-Trailer Crashes in Georgia & The Risk of Sleepy Truckers

Our Georgia tractor-trailer accident attorneys recently reported driver fatigue is a leading cause of commercial driving accidents. While the National Sleep Foundation has declared Nov. 12-18 Drowsy Driving Prevention Week, a study published by the foundation this summer reveals it’s the nation’s transportation workers who may be most at risk. […]

Governmental Liability

At Finch McCranie, LLP, our personal injury attorneys receive many phone calls from people throughout Atlanta and the rest of Georgia that have been injured because of negligence by a state or federal government agency. The first issue that our lawyers always address is: Does sovereign immunity rule out filing […]

Burn Injuries

Approximately 2.4 million burn injuries are reported in the United States each year. Burn injuries can be extremely painful and can cause victims to suffer a lifetime of serious healthcare challenges due to the fact that the skin’s protective barrier has been damaged. Many victims have suffered their injuries as […]

The “Statutory Employer“ Rule for Commercial Motor Carriers

By Richard W. Hendrix INTRODUCTION The motor truck industry is regulated in many different ways. In order to obtain operating authority, a carrier must demonstrate adequate financial ability, insurance coverage, and ability to serve the public in compliance with stringent safety requirements, both as to equipment and competence of drivers. […]

Premises Liability

Premises liability law generally refers to harm that occurs on someone else’s property that was caused by a negligent or unsafe condition. There are different laws and circumstances affecting the owner or operator’s liability when it comes to the premises. In the case of government premises, an immunity law might […]

Burn Injuries to Children

Over the years our firm has handled a variety of legal cases involving serious burn injuries to children. These cases can be extremely tragic and some of the cases we have handled have involved the death of young children due to defective products inside a home which caught on fire. […]

“How Much Is My Personal Injury Case Worth?”

The above questions are often asked by clients who have been seriously injured in an automobile case or a trucking collision. Regrettably, there are some attorneys out there who will give unrealistic “pie in the sky” answers to such questions, usually for the purpose of trying to convince a client […]

Representing Passengers In Car Accident Cases

We are oftentimes contacted by persons who were passengers involved in automobile accidents. Obviously, the passengers could not have done anything wrong but merely were in a vehicle that was involved in a collision. Sometimes the collision is caused by the host driver, who might even be a family member, […]

Assessing Damages In A Wrongful Death Case

We have written before about the unique provisions of Georgia law in the wrongful death context. If, due to the negligence of a third party, an innocent person is killed, the offending party is liable in damages for compensation for the “full value of the decedent.” The full value of […]

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