Car Accidents

Car accidents are an everyday fact of life in a metropolitan area such as Atlanta, Georgia. Our personal injury lawyers are often confronted with serious injuries and wrongful death in the context of automobile accidents. Typically, any car wreck of significance involves serious personal and bodily injuries to the occupants. The more serious the accident the more serious the injuries. Regrettably, many times the injuries are fatal.

Georgia law, like every other jurisdiction in the United States, has certain uniform rules of the road which all drivers are required to obey. Everyday, however, drivers throughout the state whether because of negligence, carelessness or otherwise run stop signs or red lights, cross centerlines, speed, lose control of their vehicles, follow other vehicles too closely and otherwise negligently cause accidents. When these accidents are serious, the innocent third party victims of such negligence face a multitude of personal and economical hardships.

The key to any car accident case is whether liability of the negligent party can be established. Finch McCranie typically employs outside investigators such as retired FBI agents to investigate accidents as soon as they occur and while the facts are fresh so as to document the negligence of the at fault driver. Once such negligence is established through proper investigation, it is then necessary to document the nature and extent of the client’s damages. If a serious injury is involved, obviously, it is necessary that medical records be obtained so as to establish the nature and extent of such injuries. The more documentation by way of photographs, medical bills and medical records, the more compelling is the evidence which oftentimes leads to a settlement of such claims assuming the at fault driver has adequate insurance coverage to provide compensation for the innocent party victim. If a settlement can not be achieved, the same information is used in front of a jury in order to demonstrate that the innocent party victim is entitled to full compensation from the defendant by way of a substantial jury verdict.

Finch McCranie, LLP has not only settled thousands of cases involving automobile accident victims over the 35 years of its existence, it has also presented to juries many such cases whether by way of a wrongful death actions or serious injury claims. Cases have been tried throughout the southeast and in both federal and state courts. The firm still holds records in many counties throughout Georgia for the highest verdict ever rendered in many such cases.

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