Auto Accidents in Atlanta and Elsewhere A Top Concern for Safety Officials

Traffic accidents are one of the leading causes of work-related accidents in Atlanta and elsewhere.

Unfortunately, a lot of these accidents involve large, commercial vehicles. Most of the people who are injured and killed in these kinds of accidents aren’t the occupants of the large trucks. They’re the occupants of the other vehicles, usually the passenger cars, that are most affected in these accidents. It’s passengers like you and I that feel most of the consequences of these accidents. We’re also the ones who can do the most to help prevent these kinds of collisions — only your behavior is in your hands.

For the fourth and final week of the National Safety Month campaign, put on by the National Safety Council (NSC), officials will be discussing the risks associated with driving and they will be sharing some simple safety tips to help to reduce your risks of a potentially fatal accident.

Our Atlanta trucking accident attorneys understand that navigating our roadways may be one of the most dangerous things that each and every one of us do on a daily basis, whether it’s in a commercial truck or in a passenger car. It’s especially dangerous out there during the summer driving season, when there’s a significant increase in traffic. Drivers of all kinds are asked to be mindful of their actions behind the wheel to help to preserve driving safety, whether driving for work or for pleasure. Be on your best behavior and keep your attention on the road, especially when driving among large, commercial vehicles.

Curb All Distractions:

-Keep cell phones away from the driver’s seat. About a quarter of all accidents involve cell phone use while driving, according to the NSC.

-Try to keep your cell phone in the glove compartment or in the back seat so you’re less inclined to use it.

-Pull over into a safe area and throw your car into park if you need to use a cell phone.

-Record your voicemail message to say that you’re unavailable when driving.

-Use your passengers to make/answer phone calls if need be.

Wear Your Seat Belt:

-Wear a seat belt every time in the car, during every single trip.

-Make sure that all of the occupants of your vehicle are wearing their seat belts too!

-If there are children in the vehicle, make sure they’re properly buckled into the right child seat or booster seat.

Avoid Impaired Driving:

-If you plan on drinking, designate a driver who agrees to have nothing to drink to take you home.

-Never get into the vehicle with a driver who has been drinking.

-Take the keys away from someone who has been drinking,

-If you’ve been drinking and don’t have a designated driver, call a cab, take public transportation, get a hold of a loved one for a ride or stay at a friend’s house.


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