Personal Injury

Medical Malpractice Myths

Medical malpractice has been a hot topic for many years and especially now that certain groups are calling for more restrictions on injured parties as part of health care reform. There has been much false and misleading information placed before the public. But, recently, the advocacy group Americans For Insurance […]

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Should you Settle your Personal Injury Case?

The answer to this question is not an easy one to give. Some cases have clear liability such as a drunk driver running a stop sign. Others have clear evidence of injury such as broken bones. Some cases have contested liability and some injuries are disputed based on pre-existing similar […]

Truck Speed Accident Prevention

Our truck accident attorneys review cases every week in which large trucks, exceeding the posted speed limits or traveling too fast for conditions, have been responsible for serious injuries and deaths. We have previously blogged concerning the organization, Road Safe America, located here in Atlanta, Georgia, describing the excellent work […]

Semi Truck Speeding On The Highway At Sunset

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Van Accidents Continue To Kill and Injure

Van accidents continue to be a major cause of death and injury on the nation’s roadways. Our Atlanta injury lawyers are keenly aware of these dangers. Fifteen-passenger vans typically have seating positions for a driver and 14 passengers. They are widely used by community organizations to take members on short […]

Study Shows Dangerous Truck And Buses Still Operate On America’s Roads

Georgia injury lawyers handling tractor trailer accident cases involving serious injury or wrongful death cases are well aware of the dangerous trucks on Georgia highways. Recently, the Associated Press obtained a study by the Government Accountability Office (GAO) that found that hundreds of tractor-trailer and bus companies which had been […]

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Punitive Damages: A Necessary Deterrent

Our firm handled a wrongful death, truck accident involving a driver that was operating his tractor-trailer under the influence of drugs at the time of the tragic incident. A wrongful death of an innocent person occurred in large part because the truck driver was under the influence of methamphetamine which […]

Physical Qualifications To Drive Trucks

The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Regulations provide certain minimum physical qualifications necessary to drive most trucks. These provisions require that drivers have adequate vision in both eyes, adequate hearing, be free from psychiatric disorders, epilepsy, high blood pressure, insulin dependent diabetes and certain heart conditions. All drivers must have adequate […]

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Stacking Liability Coverage In A Tractor-Trailer Accident

When a tractor-trailer is involved in a serious collision, serious injuries usually are involved, if not wrongful death. The size of these large rigs usually means that the damage involved in a collision will be significant. Accordingly, obviously, a key issue in all of these cases is the nature and […]

Suing Insurance Companies For Trucking Companies: A Good Option in Georgia

When a trucking company is sued, typically it is sued on the basis of an employer/employee relationship. The truck driver/employee falls asleep due to fatigue and injures an innocent third party on a highway. A lawsuit can be filed in such a case against both the employee and the trucking […]


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The MCS-90: An Important Insurance Endorsement In Trucking Cases

We have blogged before about the problem with so-called independent contractors and the attempt by unscrupulous operators to insulate themselves from the negligence of its drivers. To address this problem, Congress amended the Interstate Motor Common Carrier Act to require that a registered motor carrier assume “full direction and control” […]