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Burn Injuries to Children

Over the years our firm has handled a variety of legal cases involving serious burn injuries to children. These cases can be extremely tragic and some of the cases we have handled have involved the death of young children due to defective products inside a home which caught on fire. […]

“How Much Is My Personal Injury Case Worth?”

The above questions are often asked by clients who have been seriously injured in an automobile case or a trucking collision. Regrettably, there are some attorneys out there who will give unrealistic “pie in the sky” answers to such questions, usually for the purpose of trying to convince a client […]

Representing Passengers In Car Accident Cases

We are oftentimes contacted by persons who were passengers involved in automobile accidents. Obviously, the passengers could not have done anything wrong but merely were in a vehicle that was involved in a collision. Sometimes the collision is caused by the host driver, who might even be a family member, […]

Assessing Damages In A Wrongful Death Case

We have written before about the unique provisions of Georgia law in the wrongful death context. If, due to the negligence of a third party, an innocent person is killed, the offending party is liable in damages for compensation for the “full value of the decedent.” The full value of […]

Pre-Suit Notification For Claims Against the State of Georgia

If anyone has a claim against the State of Georgia for personal injuries caused by a state employee’s negligence, notice must be given in writing, mailed by certified mail return receipt requested, to the Risk Management Division of the Department of Administrative Services. This is set forth in O.C.G.A. § […]

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Construction Accidents And Third Party Claims

When an employee is injured on a job site, particularly on a construction job site, the injuries sustained can be serious. Heavy equipment is typically involved on large commercial construction projects and it is not unusual for construction workers on large construction projects to be exposed to a variety of […]

Wrongful Death Damages: A Divided Question

We have blogged before about some unique provisions of Georgia law. As an example, the measure of damages in a wrongful death case is measured from the standpoint of the decedent, not the decedent’s survivors. Another very unique provision of Georgia law is the division between a decedent’s damages and […]

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Preserving Evidence In Dangerous Product Cases

Time and again here at our firm we see situations where clients may have been injured by defective products but due to the failure preserve crucial evidence, the claim oftentimes is irretrievably lost. An example might be an exploding tire where there is a tire blowout which causes a vehicle […]

Documenting Damages In A Serious Personal Injury Case

In a serious injury case, in order to achieve a just resolution for any client, it is obviously necessary that all damages caused by the incident be fully documented. In a typical automobile case where someone is seriously injured, as an example, there will typically be extensive medical bills and […]

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Who Has The Right To Sue For A Wrongful Death Case In Georgia

What is referred to as “standing” to sue are the legal terms which pertains to the right to file a lawsuit in a particular case. Because Georgia law is unique, it is not always clear who has the right to sue (the “standing”) for a wrongful death caused by the […]

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